Collaborative Family Law

puzzleHave you and your spouse separated and are now seeking an alternative to court that is less costly and quicker than litigation? Are you seeking a “dignified” and low-conflict method to divorce?

Collaborative Family Law (or CFL) may be the solution for you!

This form of dispute resolution uses innovative and non-adversarial techniques to ensure that your issues are dealt with in such a way that it maintains and promotes the interests of all the parties involved.

If any of the following circumstances apply to your situation then you should consider Collaborative Family Law:

  • you would like to resolve the issues in a civilized manner
  • you want to protect your children and yourself from the harm associated with litigation
  • you would like to remain amicable with your spouse leaving open the possibility of achieving a friendship with him or her as well as maintaining the friendships of all those connected to you and your spouse through your social circle
  • you would like to take control of the decision-making in your situation as opposed to handing it over to a neutral third-party, and
  • you would like to avoid the excess costs and time associated with litigation

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